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The Struts Release A Ballad And The Title Track “Strange Days” With Robbie Williams!

The Struts have a new album coming out on October 16th titled “Strange Days”. You can pre-order it here. The band has released the title track and a surprise to me is that it’s a ballad and features Robbie Williams. I wasn’t expecting a title track to be on the soft side of things by these guys, because they do know how to rock and to add singer Williams to it, well it took me back a bit. That aside, this is a good tune. Very relevant to today with words like this in the chorus;

“Oh these are strange days In many strange ways Science Fiction I believе Has become reality”

As a found told me, there are movies that were made about what we are going through, science fiction indeed Our reality seems to have no end in sight. The song does offer hope, but it’s one silently, which I thought was a deep way to express that. Musically, i’s ballad and the voices of Luke Spiller and Williams really carry the song through and you can feel what they are saying. The video is just stream over a pic of the two of them. Check it out below.

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