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The Struts Release A Cover A Kiss Classic “Do You Love Me”!

The Struts have just released a new album “Strange Days”. It came out today. You can purchase the album here. They give us another single from it. This time it’s their take on a Kiss classic Do You Love Me. Anyone who knows me, knows how deeply I love Kiss. I’m obviously partial to the original but I am pleased someone did a new version of it. The band glammed it up a bit and added some commentary near the end.

I will say I Like it, I just don’t love it. Maybe I am just biased, it’s good, might even say updated. A nice thing is people get exposed to classic tune and a great new band. There is no video which is too bad because these guys are the new glam and it would have ben great to see. You can check out the stream of it below.

#DoYouLoveMe #StrangeDays #TheStruts

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