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The Struts Release A Very Intimate Version Of “Somebody New”!

The Struts have released a new single from their current album “Young & Dangerous”. The band has decided to release a stripped down, unplugged version if you will of their song Somebody New. This features Luke Spiller on a stand alone piano and it’s just fantastic, mind blowing, not sure how else I can describe it. It amazes me that this band isn’t much bigger tan they are. They should be headlining across the world they are that good. Back to the song, hearing it this way is so powerful and heart wrenching. When you hear Spiller sing the following verse;

“It’s not that I don’t care the way that you do It’s just my heart’s not ready yet For somebody new It’s not that I don’t feel the feelings you do It’s just my heart’s not ready yet For somebody new”

How can you not feel for the guy, the way he phrases the words to get his point across, is just so deep and honest, it’s breathtaking. I just love this version. The video showing him on the countryside playing the piano in back and white speaks volumes on the message of the song. I was totally enthralled with this video. I haven’t stopped listening and watching it. You can check it out below.

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