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The Struts Release “In Love With A Camera”, It’s Pop Rock In Its Finest Form!

The Struts have released another single off their current album “Young&Dangerous”. The band is usually known for it’s Glam Rock sound and look, but this one is definitely Pop Rock. It’s made for radio and I think they want people to dance to it as well. I believe frontman Luke Spiller is already a rock star. His command of this song and his charisma is all you need to know about how talented he really is. I haven’t been disappointed by anything this band has done and this is no exception. You might consider that the song has a poppy sound it really is like a guilty pleasure. The video shows the energy that the band has and how much fun they bring to the song and their performance. You can check it out below.

#InLoveWithACamera #TheStruts #YoungampDangerous

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