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The Who Release Live With An Orchestra Version Of “Baba O'Riley”!

Updated: Nov 19

The Who will be releasing a new live album on March 31st titled “The Who: Live With Orchestra At Wembley”! You can pre-order it here. Most bands are now doing this thing where they play with an orchestra or with the philharmonic of their choosing. Some do it well as it seems to fit their style better and others not so much. This one goes nicely with the song. Baba O'Riley is classic, even non fans know it. This single is usually one the fans look forward to live, and now accompanied with a 50 plus piece orchestra gives the song some extra depth. I don’t really have much to add about the historic song, outside of the fact that at times it sounds like it could have been part of the Game Of Thrones soundtrack. Roger Daltry is 78 years old and holds his own throughout this performance. Amazing, when you consider his age. The show was recorded from the Moving On tour in London, England on July 6th, 2019. In any case, the guys are still rocking. Check it out below.

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