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The Winery Dogs- The Winery Dogs

The Winery Dogs

               Track List                                                                             Band Members                  

  1.   1- Elevate                                                                  Richie Kotzen- Vocals, Guitars

  2.   2- Desire                                                                    Billy Sheehan- Bass, Vocals

  3.   3- We Are One                                                           Mike Portnoy- Drums, Vocals

  4.   4- I’m No Angel

  5.   5- The Other Side

  6.   6- You Saved Me                                                                   Produced By    

  7.   7- Not Hopeless                                                                    The Winery Dogs

  8.   8- One More Time

  9.   9- Damaged                                                                             Official Site   

  10. 10- Six Feet Deeper                                                    

  11. 11- Time Machine

  12. 12- The Dying                                                                                 Label     

  13. 13- Regret                                                                        Loud And Proud Records

What can I say, this is one of the few times a super group lives up to it’s reputation. The Winery Dogs truly deliver a great debut album.  This band is firing on all cylinders; I can’t see how anyone can be disappointed on this record. But, if you were expecting Poison meets Dream Theater, you would be doing yourself and this band a disservice. Elevate the first song is also the first single off the record. It defines their sound and what you will expect from them. Their sound is a cross between melodic, hard rock and metal. They do have a Soundgarden type of feel to them, I could easily hear Chris Cornell singing here. That aside, the record is full of great guitar riffs, bass lines and drums. I’m No Angel is a stand out track for me, it slows them down and has a great feel and I love the lyric:

‘You can’t put faith in the devil when you want to see God’

  Now that’s words with some power. One More Time is a rocking track. I think they should release it as a follow up single. It grabs you right away and makes you want to play all the instruments in air fashion; the guitar solo and drums stand out for that alone.

   Time Machine is the heaviest track on the record. It also makes it one of my favorites, the harmonies and the bass are amazing on this one. Finally Regret is a slow number and has a very bluesy feel and with the vocals, it just makes

it a great way to close out this record. The only true regret is, that it’s the last song. In may ways this album is pure genius when you look at the members and what they have put out. I am not sure how they will top this record when they decide to put out another album. I didn’t cover every track, because each one is that good and didn’t want to sound redundant. But, do yourself a favor and by this one and relish at the quality of music and treat your ears.

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