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Them Evils Releases A Killer New Single “Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight?”!

Them Evils have released a new single for their song Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight? I haven’t seen anything about a potential new record. But I’ll take a new song, for now.

The single has some cool riffs and a nice bass line but I really enjoyed David Delaney II’s drumming. it not only drives the song it makes it pop. Another great thing I love is Jordan Griffin’s singing. I have to tell you when he sings over dead air and or just the drums, it’s mesmerizing. I think it makes the track that much better.

This is an uptempo song about the band’s life on the road. I think you will find it catchy and fun. There is no video unfortualetly, just a stream over the band’s image. Check it out below.

#ThemEvils #WhereYaGonnaCrashTonight

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