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Theory of a Dead Man – The Truth Is….

Theory of a Dead Man

The Truth Is….

Track List                                                          Band Members

 1-  Low Life                                                     Tyler Connolly     Lead Guitar and Vocals

 2-  Bitch Came Back                                   Joey Dandeneau   Drums

 3-  Hurricaine                                                David Brenner      Rhythm Guitar

 4-  Out Of My Head                                      Dean Back            Bass

 5-  Gentleman

 6-  Love Is Hell                                              Produced By:       Howard Benson

 7-  Truth Is….(I lied about everything)

 8-  Head Above Water                                                      Official Site

 9-  Drag Me To Hell                            

10- What Was I Thinking

11- Easy To Love You                                     Label             RoadRunner/604 Records

12- We Were Men

13- Careless (Bonus Track)

14- Does It Really Matter (Bonus Track)

15- Villain  (Bonus Track)

16- Better Or Worse (Bonus Track)

17- Out Of My Head-Acoustic- (Bonus Track)

18- Easy To Love You -Acoustic (Bonus Track)

19- Low Life – Acoustic-Only on a pre-order (Bonus Track)

  I have to say I really liked this CD. For the most part you get a lot of music for the money on Truth Is (Deluxe Version). The one thing that is the main theme throughout this record is that Tyler was very upset about his divorce from actress Christine Danielle. She must feel bittersweet about inspiring this album. Fortunately for the fans it produced some pretty good music. As always Theory Of A Dead Man utilized humor to tell their stories (or at least Tyler does). Tracks like Low Life and Bitch Came Back are just some of those. I think Tyler is Bipolar, one minute he hates her and then the next he loves her. Makes for a good record, but it’s inconsistent as a theme. But I do love Tyler’s brutal honesty, even though it’s tongue in cheek.

  I do think the band has made the effort to try and please all types of listeners on this one, probably to expand their fan base. They have their radio friendly songs like the ones I listed above and some softer songs like Hurricane. I do believe if the band releases this song as a single it would be a smash hit as it is a great track. They also have songs like Drag Me to Hell. This track sounds a lot like Nickelback as a couple of others do. But don’t forget that Chad Kroger originally had them sign on his label and tour with them. Obviously this influenced how they write songs. In any case I think the band finally found who they are and their niche in today’s rock scene.

  I had various people listen to this CD and got their feedback. Overall everyone liked it so it shows they are radio friendly. If you don’t like that, then don’t buy the record. Overall I think it’s straight ahead rock and roll with a little edge. Hell, if you ever have a bad day with your significant other, play this in its entirety, and it will get you through it. I’m sure, depending on your mood, you would agree with Tyler’s sentiments.

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