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Theory Of A Deadman Release New Single "Ambulance"!

Theory Of A Deadman has a new album coming out on March 17th titled "Dinosaur". You can pre-order it here. The new single is Ambulance. I'm glad they are getting back to their rocking side with this one. Don't let the beginning of the song fool you, soon enough you'll hear the heaviness pop in and you're like whoa, what was that. When Tyler Connollysings it slows down a bit until the chorus. I love the attitude in the song, especially this verse;

"They say I’m crazy, I feel amazing Why the fuck don’t nothing phase me When I party oh I’m a phenomenon You wanna hang with me but I’m already gone"

This one will grow on you rather quickly, especially the chorus. I truly think the chorus is fantastic. Overall I am pretty thrilled with this one. I like that they went harder and brought in the angst in their lyrics. This band was known for its attitude and they seem to have lost it for awhile and now it's back. Check it out below.

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