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Three Days Grace Release Energetic Rocker “Right Left Wrong”!

Three Days Grace has released a new single from their current album “Outsider”. Right Left Wrong is their latest and to me it’s anthemic the way it sounds musically. This has a great chorus that you can get into and sing. The lyrics have relatable content, especially of you are going through something, this verse sums it up best;

“I put my head down keep running away from it Anywhere I’m going can’t be worse than this I need to get away before it pulls me here And I’m never ever getting close to anyone again”

Everyone has been there and this sing with those words just capture the right vibe and feeling. I love everything about the sing. The video shows the type of energy the band brings I’ve and how much they put into what they do. Check it out below.

#Outsider #RightLeftWrong #ThreeDaysGrace

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