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Thunder Release A Kick-Ass New Single “Western Sky”!

Thunder will be releasing a new album, their first double album on April 29th titled “Dopamine”. You can pre-order it here. Ahead of it’s release is their new single Western Sky. First off, no matter what this band does I get excited. I absolutely love that they are putting out new material.

The new song is a rocking number and a great sign of what’s to come from this record. This one delivers right from the get go and has you hooked through the end. Danny Bowes singing is good as ever and Luke Morley’s guitar riffs and solo are better than anticipated for me. But the real hero of this track is the drumming of Harry James. Take a serious listen, I think you will agree. Even more incredible is the ending where they jam out a bit. It’s fantastic, enough gloating about the band. Check out the animated lyric video below.

#Dopamine #Thunder #WesternSky

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