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Thunder Releases New Single “Last One Out Turn Out The Lights” And It’s Fantastic!

Thunder will be releasing a new album March 12, 2021 titled “All The Right Noises”. You can pre-order it here. The leading single from it is Last One Out Turn Off The Lights. This is great tune. Fast paced, up tempo and rocking. Gary Harry James’s drumming is outstanding,

Danny’ Bowes singing is magic to my ears and let’s not forget the shredding guitar solo of Luke Morley. This track is eargasmic. It will be on my playlist as quick as I can get it. If the new album is anything like this song then it will make 2020 worth while. I can’t tel you how excited I am about the record. A little sad that I have to wait until March but at least its new Thunder. There is no video of the single but just a stream of the song. Check it out below.

#AllTheRightNoises #LastOneOutTurnOffTheLights #Thunder

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