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Thunder Releases "Stand Up" Live From 2005!

Thunder will be releasing a bundle of reissues of their first three albums, "Backstreet Symphony", "Laughing On Judgement Day", and "Behind Closed Doors". Due out April 28th, you can pre-order it here. The package will feature deleted, and unreleased bonus live versions of songs from the respective records. Ahead of the release we get a live version from 2005 of Stand Up from their 1995 album "Backstreet Symphony". It was from their 2005 performance at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England. The song is one of my favorites and getting hear live shows that Danny Bowes still has a powerful voice. Hearing it live just shows you how much energy they bring to their audiences. This was a fun listen and it entices me to really hear what else this bundle has to offer. We don't a liv clip but a lyric video of the song played live. Check it out below.

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