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Thunder Releases The Acoustic Version of ” Blown Away” For The Andertons Sessions!

Thunder have released an acoustic version of their song Blown Away, which they did during an acoustic set for the Andertons Sessions. The sing is from their 2003 album “Shoot At The Sun”. Luke Morley (Guitar) and Danny Bowes (Vocals) are featured here. They are promoting the bands u and coming album “Please Remain Seated”. Due out on January 18th, you can pre-order it here. Andertons is a music store in the U.K. and you can check out their website here. As many of you know, I think this is one the most underrated bands ever. They are definitely one of my favorites. But I digress, I love when the band does things like this. I don’t have any complaints. You get to see a bit of their personality in the video. All I’m going to say is enjoy it. Check it out below.

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