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Thundermother Release A New Ballad “Borrowed Time”!

Updated: Nov 19

Thundermother has released a new single form their current album “Black And Gold”. You can get a copy here. The new single is Borrowed Time. The band usually does anthemic songs and throws in a power ballad in a mix, this time we get a heartfelt song. The lyrics paint the picture of the band at the end of the show and meeting their fans. It shows even though they do this day in and day out they try and bother for their fans. When you hear Guernica Mancini’s sing these words, you can feel her emotions;

“Shaking hands with random people

Taking photos left and right

Even though my makeup is cracking

I always smile

I always smile”

You know those feelings are real and bittersweet. The video on the other hand really doesn’t drive the point home unless you are looking for the feeling of being distant. But you do get each member spotlighted and see them performing the track. You can check it out below.

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