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Thundermother Release New Single With New Lineup "I Left My License In The Future"!

Thundermother has released a new single with their newly revised lineup. Founder Filippa Nässil is still at the helm and can still drive a hard rocking unit. The current version of the band is:

Linnéa Vikström - Vocals

Filippa Nässil - Guitar

Majsan Lindberg - Bass

Joan Massing - Drums

At the moment we have a stand alone single to show what the band is now. No word on a future album. I Left My License In The Future shows what this version of the band can deliver. Lots of energy and attitude. Lindberg's bass line pulls you in right away and then Massing's drumming. Both proving to be a lethal rhythm section. Nässil can still deliver great licks and chords, but the hero here is Vikström vocals. She kicks some serious here. She makes the song for me. One listen and you will see why. There are some fun lyrics in this but may favorite two lines are:

"I got my backseat moments in the back of my mind,

But this stick is of a different kind"

I think you have to try too hard to get the imagery there. I'm sure you'll enjoy the other words within this track. Looking forward to what this lineup will bring. The video shows the band in the studio playing the song but you can already see they have a chemistry. Check it out below.

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