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Toronto's Guitar Virtuoso Mike Milan Dedic Releases Remaster Single "Over The Top"!

Mike Milan Dedic went way back in vault and pulled out his song Over The Top from 1986 and remastered it for our listening pleasure. Dedic does all guitars and bass on this one and is joined by drummer Rick Smith. Well, his drumming gets your attention and compliments Dedic all the way through the track. Considering this song is 37 years old, I have to say it sounds pretty modern in it's reborn form. There is a lot of energy coming through on this and dare I say it rocks. As far as instrumentals go, this one will keep your attention. I'd be remiss in not saying that song is available on a your streaming platforms. But if you want you can follow and subscribe to his Youtube page here. In the meantime you can enjoy this rebound classic below.

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