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Torpedohead- III




 Track List                                                                           Band

  1. 1- Get Off My Back                                        Spacebrain- Vocals, Guitar

  2. 2- Wildfire                                                              Holger- Bass

  3. 3- Blood On Wheels                                               Zasch- Drums

  4. 4- Enough Is Enough

  5. 5- Angel City                                                        Production By:

  6. 6- Peace Of Mind                                                    Siggi Bemm

  7. 7- Not Too Late

  8. 8- Tomorrows’ Dream                                             Official Site:

  9. 9- Shanghide                                              http:

  10. 10- Drunk On Sunday

  11. 11- Sweet Mystery                                                      Label:

  12. 12- Cesspool Dreams                                        Woodhouse Records

   If you’re not familiar with Torpedohead, they hail from Germany. The band is a power rock trio. One listen to this CD and you will know these boys know how to get it done. They are a riff oriented band, highly influenced by the music of the 70’s. I will say they remind me of a modern day Cheap Trick. The band’s songwriter, Spacebrain, wears his heart on his sleeve in all of his songs. He comes up with some great licks and melodies. I’ll start with the opening track, Get Off My Back. Once you get passed the spoken German, you have a riff that gets you right away and pulls you in. You have no choice once Spacebrain calls you out to join him with C’mon!

   Wildfire, the next track is a radio friendly song. Its catchy lyrics and chorus make it a fun song. You get caught up in singing the chorus with the band. I think it would go over well in a live setting, especially with fan participation. A few songs later you come up with the first slow song on the album, Peace Of Mind, one of my favorites on this album. As I said earlier, Spacebrain leaves it all out there for you to see. Check out some of the lyrics to this song:

Take some time with our company

If you want peace of mind

Take a dive in the depth of your soul

Leave your bags behind

  How great of a passage, it says a lot. I think that’s the type of writing that makes this a sound rock album. The album ends with a fast paced rocker like it opened with called, Cesspool Dreams. Gotta love that title. It’s a great way to end a fine record.

  Songs to check out, Get Off My Back, Wildfire, Peace of Mind, and Never Too Late.

  Check out their latest video for their song Wildfire below!

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