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Trawl Release New Single “The Gold Standard”!

Trawl has a new EP coming out on August 5th titled “From The Murky Depths”. You can pre-order a copy here. The new single is The Gold Standard. Justin Patry kicks them track off with a funky guitar groove that just pulls you in. Then the rhythm section of Seth McClellan (Bass) and Adam Nichols (drums) come in and you get that wow moment. When you hear Sean Matthews starts to sing he takes the song up a notch. I think this number should be on your playlist. It’s addictive. You will want play this again as soon as it’s over. The more you listen, the better it gets. There is no video, just the audio and I think that’s all you need for this one. Check it out below.

#FromTheMurkyDepths #TheGoldStandard #Trawl

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