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Trawl Releases New Moody And Dark New Single “No Escape”!

Trawl has a new EP coming out on March 5th titled “Shark Piñata”. The band is releasing a limited CD at Bull Moose Music. The store’s website is here. No Escape is the bands latest single. This song slowly draws you in, and before you know it, you are captivated. Tom Michaud’s guitar playing really builds you with anticipation for what is to come and when Michaud ends the lick and when Gary Marston lightly hits on the symbol, my god that’s fantastic. Then when he finally brings his drums to life, that just brings the song to the next level. When Seth McClellan’s bass joins in with Martson’s drums it fills out the song and helps make the song darker.

But as soon as Sean Mathews begins singing, he pulls you in deeper and after that combined with the music its eargasmic. No other word for it, maybe magical. These guys have a sound and style that is refreshing and proof rock isn’t dead. It just needs to be discovered and heard. There is no video just a stream of the song. Check it out below.

#Noescape #SharkPiñata #Trawl

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