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Tremonti Releases “Throw Them To The Lions”

Tremonti has released a performance clip from their lates album “A Dying Machine”. Throw Them To The Lions was shot from their sold out show in Manchester, England. This heavy riff fast paced single is just what the doctor ordered. It has a fresh sound and energy, one of the better songs from the album. I also enjoyed the lyrics to this one. Check the following;

“Hope they lead us to an ending Chase the traitor to his downfall See no pretense or pretending See no quarter when the fates call And I am taking all the glory I will take it all with pride, yeah I’ll have justice, don’t you worry I’ll tear to pieces and I’ll like it”

A lot being said in that passage but it makes you think. I like the take no prisoners attitude. The video on the other hand is shot in black and white and I believe that enhances the video. You can see the band’s high energy and passion in the performance. Check it out below.

#ADyingMachine #ThrowThemToTheLions #Tremonti

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