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Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts Release “Lookin’ For Love, Ready For War”!

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts will be releasing their debut album “Lookin’ For Love, Ready For War” later this year. Their new single is the second from the album and it’s the title track. This is a pure joy to listen too. This is glam as it gets. I’m really excited that bands such as this are coming on to the scene and making the music we all love. The band is animated which is great, they are rocking out. They have that star appeal and you can feel it. Tuk Smith looks like he will be a frontman to reckon with. I hope to see them and experience them in a live setting. The power chords and the driving rhythm section make this a grower for sure. Ricky Dover Jr. guitar solo is fantastic. I ask that you really listen to it if you are watching the video, you may lose it in the action packed story line. You really need to do it justice and give it’s due. Nothing like proving rock isn’t dead by putting out a killer tune like this. The video take place in a bar and well I’ll let you watch it, don’t want to spoil anything. If you think you recognize the bar owner it is Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl fame. Check it out below.

#LookinForLove #ReadyForWar #TukSmithampTheRestlessHearts

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