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U2 Release New Single "Atomic City". Paying Homage To Las Vegas!

U2 has released a new single, Atomic City. No word on a new album. But the song is a tribute Las Vegas, NV. The release comes just before they start their residency there. I think this verse sums it up well:

"I’m free... where you are is where I’ll be I’m free... s

o unexpectedly I’m free…

I see what’s in front of me And your freedom is contagious

What you’ve got I wanna be"

If you've been to Las Vegas then you know what he means by being free in the city. Anything you want is there. Anything that is happening, happens there. I think you get the idea. The song has an energy about it that I think makes the music feel like you're in Las Vegas. Bono does a great vocal here and I have to say The Edge's guitar solo is one of the best that I have heard him play. This track is an ear worm and you will be hooked on it rather quickly. The video is the band performing it on the street and then into the Sphere. Check it out below.

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