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U2 Releases Reimagined Single “With Or Without You”!

U2 will be releasing a new album “Songs Of Surrender” on March 17th. You can pre-order it here. The title of the album ties into Bono’s book Surrender. The album contains 40 songs from the band’s catalog, reimagined. Ahead of the forthcoming album with the new version of their 1987 hit off of their “Joshua Tree” album, With Or Without You. First thing you will notice is that it’s a much slower version and a much shorter one as well. What is on display here is his voice. You get a very unique take versus the original. This version sounds a lot more somber or darker. This has more emotion to it and you can feel the lines like:

“Nothing to win and

Nothing left to lose”

Even though I like this rendition, I won’t take it over the more familiar version. That one doesn’t sound as gloomy as this one. This new rendition does show you Bono knows how to deliver a story. The video is just a stream of the track over the album cover. It makes you pay more attention to the vocals. Check it out below.

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