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Van Halen Releases An Alternate Version Of “Running With The Devil” And It’s Fanta

Van Halen has released a new remix and never released alternate version of their song Running With The Devil. I love how crisp the song sounds. Dave Lee Roth asking for volume in head phones to the difference in the guitar solo. It’s all eargasmic. The band was on fire. Makes me want to go listen to the whole debut album right now. Roth’s extra howls and saying “guitar” are priceless. I really love this take. I don’t usually say that, but this is one is the exception. I can’t play this one enough. I listen to this and I think how great is it that they had that much freedom and coolness in the studio for their first album. Most artists don’t get that in the first outing, labels usually control it. Obviously this didn’t make the final cut, but some of it did. Love this kind of stuff.  I wish the video had some footage from that time to go along with it but it doesn’t, it’s just a stream of the song. The unfortunate thing is it’s not available for purchase yet.  Check it out below.

#RunningWithTheDevil #VanHalen

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