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Van Morrison Releases New Single “Only A Song”!

Van Morrison has a new album coming out on May 7th titled “Latest Record Project: Volume 1.” You can pre-order it here. Only A Song is the second single from the record. This one definitely has the classic Morrison sound. I don’t usually talk about the saxophone but this song is all about it, some nice solos and really stands out in this song. You also get Morrison’s wit especially in the first verse;

“Only a song, it’s not set in stone, it’s only a song It’s only a poem, it could change in the long run, it’s only a song It’s what I said then just to make it rhyme Could have been on my mind at the time Putting paper to pen, it’s only a song, it’s only a song Could be back to front, just to get it to work, it’s only a song Get it to jump, get it to swing, so I can sing it”

If you’re a fan of his I’m not sure how you would be disappointed in this song. It sounds like a song from his early records. Definitely very early 1970’s sound. Unfortunately there is no real video, but an animated background over his name and the title of the song. Check it out below.

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