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Vanlade’s Brett Blackout Scott Covers Everything In This Interview!

Brett Blackout Scott 

Lead Vocalist


SRR: Since we last spoke, you have released two albums, “Rage Of The Gods” in 2015 and recently, “Wayward Sons: Masters Of Time Vol. 1”.  Wayward Sons is a covers album. When we talked, you had mentioned that you would consider doing one, and I’m glad to see you followed through on it. Tell me how you decided what songs to do for it.

BBS: You have a great memory! Well, we had Carry On Wayward Son as a part of our touring set and people really seemed to enjoy it. We knew we were going to be coming back to the west coast the immediate next year, so we decided to prepare something new for the fans on our second trip there, so we decided to do some more covers! Basically, we took the Kansas song and then each member chose a track, adding to six total.

SRR: I have to say there were some unexpected choices. I didn’t think I would expect Heart or Kansas, to be honest. I was excited to see you did a Saxon song. I love the Denim And Leather album. It’s probably my favorite from them. That was a great version of Fire In The Sky. Rush and Black Sabbath, I understand, they fit your style.  I’m curious as to why you didn’t do Born To Be Wild, as when we talked you had said you played that at your shows with your own twist. Why didn’t that make the cut?

BBS: Choosing only six songs to cover is an almost impossible task! Born to be Wild was on the list but must have just gotten cut in the decision-making process. And I think we did try to steer ourselves into some less expected choices so we didn’t just take the easy road and cover Run to the Hills six times!

SRR: You not only did a cover album, you also did it with guests. You brought in Tyler Loney of Spellcaster and guitar shredder James J. Larue. Can you tell me about on how that all came to be and why those songs?

BBS: We were brainstorming ways to make a simple covers EP something a little more special and memorable so we decided that throwing on a couple of guest appearances would take it to the next level. Luckily we have lots of incredible friends in the metal scene so it just took a couple emails and we got it set up. Tyler and James both did an amazing job and we are very happy we got to work with them!

SRR: Wayward Sons is a Volume 1, will be there a Volume 2 soon. Will you go back in the studio and do all your own material again?

BBS: Our current objective is to complete writing for our upcoming third album. We haven’t talked much about volume 2 yet, but I think it would make us liars if we did a 1 and not a 2 eventually!

SRR: Recently, Nikky “Skorcher” Poffinbarger  (bass) left the band, and you replaced him with Jonathan Tennant of Garoted. I know you have been through this before. Please tell me how the band found out about it and how they handled the entire transition.

BBS: It was all very smooth and amicable. We sat down together at practice and he told us straight that he wanted to pursue other opportunities at the moment. He’s still a great friend of ours and it would be impossible to underplay his legacy in this band.

We immediately had Jonathan in mind as his replacement, so we gave him a call and so far he is filling the shoes perfectly. Jonathan has his own playing style and his musicality is top-notch. We are very excited to move forward with him and we can’t wait for him to make his own mark with us on record and on stage!

SRR: You mentioned you are working on your third album, what can you tell me about it?

BBS: Yes! We are keeping most details under wraps for the moment, but I can tell you that we are deep in the writing process and only have a few left to complete. We plan to spend the next couple months honing them down and then enter the studio by the end of the year. Oh, and I can confirm that it will be a concept album!

SRR: You said you look forward to recording with Jonathan Tennant, is he writing and working on the album or was it completed before he joined?

BBS: We only had a couple of songs “completed” before Jonathan joined up, but he has added his own touch to those first ones and will continue to be a part of the process as we wrap it up.

SRR: How does he change the dynamics of the band?

BBS: It’s hard to define the exact differences between Jonathan and our previous bassist. We are lucky to have found another monster of a musician in Jonathan and we love the flare that he brings to the table. He has been a partner to our drummer in other projects for some time, so they lock in together like a high-speed steamroller, and we couldn’t be happier with his energy and his contributions to the band chemistry. Let’s just say the fans won’t be disappointed!

SRR: When we will see a single and/or video from the new album? When is the release planned?

BBS: Our goal is to have the album ready by spring of 2018. We have tossed around the idea of fast-tracking one or two tracks as a single release, so you may be getting a peek a little earlier than that! At the moment, I can’t make too many promises since we are still fairly early in the process, but we are totally focused on getting this thing out.

You can learn more about the band and follow them on their Facebook page here.

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