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Vintage Trouble 2/28/13 Providence, RI

Vintage Trouble


Photo By David Klein

February 28, 2013

Club Fete

Providence, RI

      Setlist                                                                                                  The Who

  1. 1-    High Times, They Are Coming                                                    Ty Taylor- Vocals

  2. 2-    Blues Hand Me Down                                                                Nalle Colt- Guitar

  3. 3-    Nancy Lee                                                                  Richard Danielson- Drums

  4. 4-    Nobody Told Me                                                                 Rick Barrio Dill- Bass

  5. 5-    Strike Your Light Right On Me

  6. 6-    Jezzebella

  7. 7-  Total Strangers                                                                                                           8-    Gracefully

  8. 9-    Love With Me

  9. 10-  Still And Always Will

  10. 11-   Not Alright By Me

  11. 12-  Run Like The River

  12. 13-  You Better Believe it

  13. 14-  Pelvis Pusher

  14. 15- Run Outta You

Let me just say that this band is amazing, fantastic and very energetic for a live performance. I saw them two nights earlier open for The Who and in my opinion, they blew them off the stage. I really didn’t know much about them. But after the show I saw they were playing in Providence and well I knew I had to see them headline their own show. During the intermission of The Who show, Vintage Trouble was doing a meet and greet and I thought that was very cool of them and smart, too. I got to meet them and told them about my website and before you know it, I had an interview scheduled with them before the Club Fete show in Providence. I was stoked and couldn’t wait.


Photo By Seth A. Kahaian

 By the day of the show, I played their debut album The Bomb Shelter Sessions to death. Told everyone and their brother they should get out and check out the show with me. I promoted the show on my report and Facebook pages. These guys are a throwback with a modern edge to their sound. Yes, I think they are great and you will too, once you see them!


Photo By Seth A. Kahaian

  On to the night of the show. I arrived about three hours early for the scheduled time. The interview was supposed to be 15 minutes. I was ecstatic when the band greeted me along with their manager, David Klein (who arranged everything, many thanks, David), and brought me on their tour bus, provided to them by Supercuts. You may have seen them in the Supercuts commercial. They are sponsoring the tour for the band. I was nervous, yet excited and what was supposed to take 15 minuts took over an hour. They made me feel right at home and they all took turns talking and it was great. You can find the interview on this site to get the details. At the end of the interview Nalle Colt took out a pin from one of the units in the back of the bus and personally pinned me with an official Troublemaker (the band’s official fan base name) pin. I thought that made the day even more special, but we haven’t gotten to the show yet. The band is down to earth and very humble. I felt very honored that they allowed me into their home, so to speak, and made me feel like an old friend. I can’t find the words to say how great they are and that experience was for me. Thanks guys!


Photo By Seth A. Kahaian

   The show. The openers were Leogun from England and they were pretty good and cool. I liked their sound. By the time Vintage Trouble came on, the place was packed in this intimate club setting. The band comes on to the stage and greets each other by shaking hands and bowing. The other thing you will notice about the band is that they are all dressed in suits. They are sharply dressed, and it’s more than an image, but part of who they are. They kicked into High Times, They Are Coming. Place went nuts. Being in such close proximity to the band and the crowd, the energy was that much more impactful and contagious.


Photo By Seth A. Kahaian

I have to admit that the set list above might be a little off in order, because the band doesn’t play with a setlist and being a new fan I have to still get to know what they are playing, because several of the songs in the set are not on their debut album. They also did some covers, one by Ike and Tina Turner, and some I didn’t know. They put on over a 2 hour show off a 10 song debut cd. Tell me they aren’t giving back and all that by the way for a $12 ticket.


Photo By Seth A. Kahaian

All through the set, the band is smiling and having a good time and then Ty (singer), jumps into the crowd and dances with the audience and on the bar and brings girls on to the stage and dances with them. He had the whole place rocking and jumping and singing. Trust me when I tell you that the show is an experience like no other. The next highlight for me was when they came out to do, Not Alright By Me. During the interview, I had asked the band if the song was a call to action and all of that, because that’s what it sounded like to me. You can listen to the interview to hear what they had to say. I know I am shameless for my own plugs. Anyway, Ty gave me a shout out, he began to inform the crowd about the song and gave me a shout out. Now that is cool. My first shout out, by the way. Now I am on cloud nine. I thanked both him and the band after the show for being so thoughtful to do that. That, my friends, is a very cool and memorable thing.


Photo By Seth A. Kahaian

  Blues Hand Me Down, Total Strangers and Gracefully are some of my favorite songs and live, it is incredible. They just released a new song called Pelvis Pusher which will get you moving and rocking. The band led by Ty are all incredible musicians and know their craft well. They know what to do with an audience. They ended with Run Outta You, which if you haven’t heard, you should, because it has one of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded and live it’s just insane. The band slowly walks off the stage, one at a time while Nalle Colt plays the solo til the end. What a performance, everyone there felt the same way. They did a meet and greet after the show. Place was crazy for them. They are playing Boston soon and I will be there, I hope to catch them over and over again. See them live, buy their record and you won’t be disappointed!

Usually I have a video from the show, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. That said, you can see what they are like with their latest video Pelvis Pusher from their Bomb Shelters album.

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