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Vintage Trouble Interview

Vintage Trouble Interview


I met with Vintage Trouble and their manager, David Klein, in Providence, RI on their tour bus. They played on February 28th at the club Fete in Providence. They just finished opening for The Who two nights before, also in Providence. However on this night they kicked off their headlining tour of the U.S. The band was kind enough to grant me an interview and let me into their home (currently their tour bus), to do so. This interview was before their performance. The band was very accommodating and I can’t say enough about how nice and friendly they were toward me as was their manager, Dave. For me, this was just the beginning of what was soon to be a magical night. I won’t give you any details here about the interview but Vintage Trouble gives you many insights about them and how they do things, some lessons learned and advice, throughout the interview. You can also follow them here: I will be looking forward to your feedback and hope you can catch them on tour. I, for one, have moved from Total Strangers with the band and have now become an official Troublemaker!

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