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Whitesnake Releases New Remix Of “Slide It In”!

Whitesnake has put out another single from their just released “Greatest Hits – Revised, Remixed & Remastered 2022”. You can get a copy here. The latest and probably my favorite song from the album is their 1984 title track Slide It In. The coolest thing about this remix is that it features John Sykes (Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy). This is a classic track and there really isn’t anything to add about the track that hasn’t been said already. The exception is what Sykes brings to it. As an example the solo is different. I don’t want to spoil this for you so I leave it here. The sad thing is there is no video of them playing it. Outside of that, this is a fantastic song. Check it out below.

#GreatestHitsRevised #RemixedampRemastered2022 #SlideItIn #Whitesnake

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