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Wolfmother Is Back! Check Out Their New Single “Chase The Feeling” Featuring Jet Drummer

Wolfmother has teamed up with fellow Australian rocker and drummer Chris Cester (Jet) for a new single. The band is working on a new album but no word on its release. In the meantime they give us Chase The Feeling to hold us over. We should be celebrating that they have finally put out a new song. This one is definitely worth the wait. It’s very anthemic with it’s hard riffs and driving drums. Until you hear it, you don’t realize how much you miss Andrew Stockdale’s voice and guitar work. The nice surprise is you get to hear Cester sing as well as play. The single has kind of a Punk element to it which makes it have more of an edge to it. Merging their two Australian influenced styles a true treat. They do a nice jam near the middle of the song which is so good it’s just what your ears needed. The video shows the two of them playing the song in black and white and I have to say is that’s all you need for something that is this good. Check it out below.

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