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Yes Releases New Single “Future Memories”!

Yes has pt out another single from their just released album “The Quest”. You can order a copy here. Future Memories is truly reminiscent of the bands earlier years. Fans of them should be very pleased with this one. It’s a little too mellow for me, but the song is what I would come to expect from the band. I do like that they some how made a love song out of this in that when you hear the lines like;

“From this moment forward I don’t want to make another memory without you From this moment forward”

From those words you get the future planning aspect of it all. The lyrics also look back on the past, making the play on the memories representing the past and the future. You get a animated video of the cover art and the bands Yes logo while the music streams over it. Check it out below.

#FutureMemories #TheQuest #Yes

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