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Yusuf / Cat Stevens Releases Reimagined “Where Do The Children Play?”!

  Yusuf/Cat Stevens is releasing the 50th anniversary of his 1970 album “Tea For The Tillerman”, calling it “Tea For The Tillerman 2”. It’s due out September 18th and you can pre-order it here. Yusuf has put out a reimagined version of Where Do The Children Play? There is nothing to criticize here. It’s a classic, I have always enjoyed his voice this is no different. This is more about the video. I don’t get political or should I say I don’t share my views in this format. That aside, he takes on climate change with a very cool stop animation story. Check it out below.

#TeaForTheTillerman2 #WhereDoTheChildrenPlay #YusufCatStevens

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