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ZZ Top Release “Brown Sugar” From Their New Documentary!

ZZ Top has a new documentary coming out February 28th titled “ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas”. You can pre-order it here. Brown Sugar is the new single from it. The song originally appeared on the bands debut ‘ZZ Top’s First Album”, back in 1971. This version has the band playing the song just the three of them in Gruene Hall in Texas. I wish I would have been there to see this. Full disclosure I have been to the hall and saw a performance. Great historic building to say the least. The way the present the song in this setting is just brilliant. It’s pure and crisp and beautiful all at the same time. The rawness and the energy is hypnotic. I like the whole rehearsal like set up that they jam in. Like I said I wish I could have been there, this is something to witness and it’s good thing they recorded it. In any event, you can check it out below.

#BrownSugar #ZZTop #ZZTopThatLittleOlBandFromTexas

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